Embajada en Nueva Zelandia

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The Embassy of Argentina in New Zealand


Useful Links

Useful Links

 The following links contain useful information for New Zealand companies doing business with Argentina or exploring opportunities to do so:

Helping New Zealand Businesses grow internationally, NZTE has a wealth of information on Argentina from the perspective of New Zealand companies looking to do business overseas.
Argentine Trade Net provides a catalogue of Argentine companies that identifies export companies and includes their contact data and the products offered for sale abroad.
Agency of the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs and Trade which promotes the exportation of Argentina's products.
Website for the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Worship in Argentina.
 This Council is a voluntary grouping of New Zealand business people interested in supporting and encouraging business links between the countries of Latin America and New Zealand.  It receives no funds from the Government, and therefore operates totally independently from the Government.
These pages offer information with regards to the Customs Service in Argentina such as baggage allowances, reclaiming taxes etc.
The latest news and nformation can be found here in relation to Economic, Production and Financial matters in Argentina.