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Tango week in Auckland


Tango Week and promotion of tourism to Argentina

Last week the “Tango Week” took place in Auckland with the cooperation and sponsorship of this Embassy, which featured a variety of concerts, milongas and free tango classes.

At lunchtime on Friday 12 a small performance took place at “Jones the Grocer”, with stage tango champions John and Felicity Flower, accompanied by musicians Emilio Bertrand and Slava Fainitzky. After the show, an Argentine wine and beer tasting was held with nibbles.

At night a tango show was organized at the “St. Heliers Community Center”, with the same couple dancing tango and the band “4XTango”, which is made up of the musicians named above, as well as pianist Catherine MacKay and Brenton Veitch. More than 200 people attended this event and could also enjoy sampling of Argentine wines and beer.

On Saturday 13 October the “Auckland Grand Tango Ball” took place at the Mount Albert Community Center, with John and Felicity Flower and 4XTango. More than 200 people attended, many of who were tango dancers.

The programme for the evening included a variety of musical works such as Piazolla, Gardel, Troilo, Mores, Pugliese.

On behalf of this Embassy we would like to especially thank John and Felicity Flower, the excellent musicians of the band 4XTango, as well as all everyone who participated during the “Tango Week”.


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